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Ginger's Academy of Dance and Fitness originated in 1983. In 1987 our school was chosen to be #1 for dance instruction in the Saratoga County Area. Our school offers a variety of classes for boys and girls ages 2 ½ through adult. All grade levels are taught from beginner to advanced with professional instruction in Dance, Theater. Music and Fitness.

We are proud to announce our new facility, now featuring a 3000 square foot dance studio, consisting of two classrooms including Marley and Oak flooring.

Ginger's Academy of Dance performs our annual recital in June. Instructors choreograph recital pieces for each class to highlight the students' accomplishments and abilities. This allows each student to display their advancements and promotes self-confidence. We also welcome students who are not yet ready to perform in front of an audience. Classes are always dedicated to proper technique and learning it is not just about a recital dance!

Classes offered are as follows:

Dance: Fitness:

Performing Arts:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Pointe Technique
  • Jazz/Hip-Hop
  • Theatrical Jazz
  • Fun For Tots
  • Kinderdance
  • Tap
  • Traditional Irish Step
  • Hard Shoe
  • Modern Dance
  • Bellydancing
  • Gymnastics
  • Ballroom /Latin Dance
  • Hip-No-Cize/Stability ball
  • Power Pilates
  • Power 90X
  • Zumba
  • Mom & Daughter Dance to Fitness
  • Barre Workout
  • Beachbody Fit club





  • Vocal
  • Piano
  • Drama/Acting
  • MusicalTheater
  • Guitar
  • TV Commercials







Dance is a beautiful art form whether it be ballet, jazz or tap. We welcome students of all abilities and can accommodate students with special needs.

Educating our students correctly from a young age, with the proper individual training, will help develop their muscles, joints and bones. This will assure correct body placement as each student advances. Pointe work is only begun after completing a pre-pointe level and after bones have ossified (hardened); otherwise malformation of the feet may occur. It is also essential that the muscles in the pupil's feet, back and legs are strong enough to enable the movements to be performed without strain and maintaining a correct stance.

Self-discipline required through dance helps create a positive self-image in the child. Grace, poise, coordination, flexibility, and self-confidence are some of the qualities a student experiences. Even if a student does not pursue a career in dance, these wonderful qualities are theirs for life.

Through this commitments and willingness to learn we see each of our students develop their greatest ambition.

Instructors at Ginger's Academy focus on good nutrition based on a healthy WELL-BALANCED DIET, which needs to include foods from all food groups. We never condone dieting to our students whose bodies are growing and developing. We will discuss with students the need for good hydration and healthy eating habits as these are essential for everyone, but especially for those dancing and exercising.